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Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students (PEGS)

The PEGS program identifies and serves exceptionally gifted students in a full-time academic environment appropriate for their unique instructional and affective needs.  The program is funded by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education along with the North Kansas City School District. Please click here for the PEGS requirements as derived from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for the state of Missouri.

Although students generally are in groups with other students close to their chronological age, at times multi-age groups are formed to meet individual or group needs.  North Kansas City Schools supports students who meet the qualifying guidelines in grades 3-6.  Students loop with their teacher from 3rd to 4th and 5th to 6th grades.  

As students become ready to accomplish an in-depth investigation, a combination of enrichment, acceleration, and standard curriculum is offered.  Strategies utilized include small and large group work, pre-testing, curriculum compacting and individual research and study. Regardless of their age or grouping patterns, students’ progress along a continuum of skills and content.  In addition to working through regular compacted curriculum, students are encouraged to pursue individual interests and passions.  Students are taught supportive process skills necessary to be successful, creative producers. 

four students holding stringed instruments smiling for camera
five students sitting outside on sidewalk in a circle
PEGS students in libtary at table
PEGS students playing chess with instructor guiding
group of students cheering
three students working on a marshmallow tower
group of students in front of KC Symphony
student examining test tube
group shot of PEGS class outside in front of statue
group of students dressed up to hear musical performance