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photo of statue in front of NIC building with student writing

Why We Do What We Do

The SAGE program's services are based upon the following shared beliefs:

  • All SAGE students should have the opportunity to drive the direction and path of their learning and unlock their potential through innovative and authentic experiences.
  • All SAGE students deserve a sage and supportive environment where their identity and individual social and emotional needs are recognized, developed, and appreciated.
  • All SAGE students deserve access to an accelerated academic community and differentiated curriculum with extended depth, which is relevant, challenging, and meaningful to their individual needs and abilities.

SAGE Illuminates Our Students' Paths to the Future  

We believe students should have the opportunity to drive the direction and path of their learning and have access to an education that encourages exploration and discovery of passions in an innovative environment.  SAGE provides students with real-world and innovative opportunities through diverse learning experiences that meet individual differences and unique learning needs. Through SAGE, students will realize and develop their full potential to prepare for their future as global citizens, community contributors, and change makers by taking their learning beyond the school walls. We provide encouragement of excellence and gifted development and foster life-long learning in our students.  

SAGE Illuminates Our Students’ Paths Towards Self Understanding  

We believe gifted students from all backgrounds need a friendly place where they can make connections with intellectual peers and develop an awareness of the strengths and abilities of themselves and others.  By providing continuity of community and relationships, students receive appropriate emotional support and develop a healthy sense of themselves.

SAGE Illuminates Our Students' Paths Towards Academic Excellence 

We believe that gifted students need a learning environment that provides access to differentiated curriculum that meets the unique needs of gifted learners. They need opportunities to be problem finders and problem solvers who exercise critical thinking, autonomy, and risk-taking. Risk-taking involves allowing students to experience frustration and failure in order to develop perseverance and divergent thinking. By providing rigorous curriculum that meets their unique needs, we are helping them develop leadership, character, service, and scholarship skills to become productive, responsible, and innovative leaders.