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The Northland Innovation Center is home to North Kansas City Schools' SAGE (Students in Academically Gifted Education) program for learners in kindergarten through 8th grade. We are proud to serve nearly 700 students each week on our campus. Most students attend one day per week. Our PEGS (Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students) learners attend full-time.  

In a typical day at the SAGE Center, choices are abundant for students of all ages. Students have opportunities to reach their highest levels of learning through units of study that involve real-world problem solving, critical thinking skills, affective learning independent study, collaborative opportunities, local competitions and foreign language. Technology use is embedded throughout the instructional practices, with students utilizing multiple digital tools to share, create and present.

High School

Students in the SAGE program at the high school level benefit from personalized services allowing each to maximize his or her capabilities. A Gifted Resource Specialist (GRS) who serves as an advisor to the gifted students in grades 9-12 is located at each high school. 

Meet Our Gifted Resource Specialists

Quick Facts

Established: 1974

Mascot: Illuminators

Colors: Dark Blue & Gold

Mantra: We illuminate the way as we light up the world with our gifts!

Address: 6889 N. Oak Trafficway, Gladstone, MO 64118

Phone Number: (816) 321-5350


As the heart of the gifted community, the mission of the SAGE Center is to ensure all students, as members of a global society, foster their uniqueness, develop their potential, and embrace their true belonging through learning experiences distinguished by:

  • Courageous exploration and discovery of passions in a flexible and innovative environment
  • Support systems for students, staff, and community
  • Ownership and self-regulation in a student-driven culture

Strategic Objectives

  • Each student will discover their innate value as a person and their ability to bring change to the world.
  • Each student will pursue pathways to higher learning with a commitment to excellence.
  • All students will look beyond the school walls for experiences benefitting themselves and their community.