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Referral Process

Types of Referrals

Once it has been determined that a student is a candidate for screening, an online referral form should be completed by a classroom or homeroom teacher.  There are four types of SAGE referrals which include Classroom teacher; Parent; Student; and Peer.  Parents, Students, and/or Peers must request a referral through the classroom or homeroom teacher to begin the process.

Regardless of the type of referral, the NKC classroom teacher must complete the form using the online referral system.  Parents requesting their child be screened for testing must work through the classroom teacher or the school counselor to have the referral completed.  Parents will be sent a link to complete an online observation form. School principals must approve each referral through the online referral system.  Referrals are reviewed once a month through the gifted screening team. The entire referral process may take several weeks to complete.

All referrals for gifted services must go through the child's homeroom teacher at the elementary level (Kindergarten through 5th grade) and the school counselor at the middle school or high school levels (6th - 12th grades).  

Gifted Program Student from Another District

A student who was in a gifted program in another district must be pre-screened to determine if the student qualifies based upon North Kansas City Schools’ Board policy.  The student’s previous school records (including all information pertaining to the gifted evaluation process, gifted placement, gifted progress, etc.) must be sent to the SAGE Center for review.  In the event that the student meets qualifications within the board policy, the parents will be notified.  If the student does not meet initial eligibility criteria, an initial referral will need to be completed through the classroom teacher.   

Returning NKC Schools SAGE Student

Once a student has qualified for the gifted program in North Kansas City Schools, the student maintains eligibility status.  If a student has withdrawn from the program and the parent desires the student to return, the student does not need to be re-screened. Instead, the parent needs to give written notification of the student’s desire to return to SAGE to the child’s school and to the Principal of Gifted Programs.

Student Who Did Not Previously Qualify

A student who has previously been referred to the gifted program but did not qualify must have an Appeal filed in order to be reconsidered.  Unless there was some type of problem (child was sick, death in the family) during the testing, the student must wait one year from the previous testing before appealing his/her results.  Board policy requires supporting documents (including new test data) to be included along with the Appeal Form.


Students who reside in the North Kansas City School District boundaries but attend a private or parochial school, or who are homeschooled, may be referred by a parent or teacher to determine if a student is eligible for gifted education services. Referral forms can be obtained by contacting the SAGE Center Office. Referred students will follow the regular screening process.  Those who qualified for further testing, will follow the testing process as indicated in the “Testing” paragraph.