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Identification Process

The North Kansas City School District’s program for gifted children is an integral part of the school curriculum. The district objectives note a commitment that each student acquires an exemplary academic education.  To achieve this end result, all students should have access to curriculum that includes basic skills, activities that nurture affective and cognitive skills, guided investigation, and accelerated learning as appropriate.

Gifted students are defined in Section 162.675, RSMo as "students who exhibit precocious development of mental capacity and learning potential as determined by competent professional evaluation to the extent that continued educational growth and stimulation could best be served by an academic environment beyond that offered through a standard grade-level curriculum."

In identifying students for the gifted program, the North Kansas City School District follows the requirements set by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Additional information for gifted education for the state of Missouri can be found here



SAGE Screening & Testing Flowchart

Part 1: Screening

During the screening process, a child either is or is not recommended for testing.  All students referred are not automatically tested.  If testing is not recommended, then a letter stating such is sent to the home email and the school. If testing is recommended, a letter stating such is emailed to the parent, the referring teacher, and the principal.  This step of the process can average three weeks or longer, depending on the time of year, from the point of notification.  In some instances, permission is not given for testing and the process stops at this point.

NKC students will participate in universal screening to aid in determining if gifted services are needed in the regular classroom as follows:

Grade Level


Preferred Data Points

Kindergarten – 5th grades

F & P Reading

Reading two years above grade level

1st & 4th grades

CogAT – Cognitive Abilities Screener
(Age-Percentile Ranking)

95th percentile in at least two tested areas

Quantitative, Verbal, Non-Verbal, and VGN (Composite)

 Kindergarten - 6th grades FastBridge 

95th percentile or higher in Reading or Math (National or School percentile)

3rd – 8th grades

MAP – MO Assessment Program

ELA: Advanced Level

Math: Advanced Level

2nd – 6th grades

District Benchmark Assessments

ELA: At or above district determined proficiency level

Math: At or above district determined proficiency level

7th – 12th grades


STAR Assessments



95th percentile or higher


7th – 12th grades

MAP - MO Assessment Program

EOC – End of Course Exams

 Advanced Levels 


Additional referral information should include:

Students meeting the above academic and gifted characteristics criteria should be given consideration for SAGE screening.  If a student referral has passed the initial screening process, the referral will be assigned to a school psychologist for testing. 

Part 2: Cognitive Ability

General Mental Ability – Including a full-scale or general ability index score of a 125 or above on an individualized intelligence test at or above the 95th percentile; AND

Part 3: Academic Ability

Academic Ability – Including a norm-referenced test with a cut-off score at the 95th percentile or above on the total composite math or reading score or on two or more subtests.

*Please note that all referrals must be submitted no later than May 1st in order to be considered for the current school year.  All referrals submitted after the May 1st deadline will be held in the referral system until the fall review date. 

The Student Meets the Criteria for Placement

If the child meets the SAGE criteria for placement, a letter is emailed to the parent, referring teacher, building principal, and SAGE Center.  After initial placement, the SAGE teacher contacts the principal and the parents regarding the SAGE day of attendance and start date for the SAGE Center.   The district does not provide transportation from a private school to the SAGE Center.  The SAGE teacher will also speak with the parent/guardian about orientation, if applicable.

The Student Does Not Meet the Criteria for Placement

For a child that does not meet the criteria, the testing examiner will contact the parent/guardian concerning the results.  A follow up letter is emailed to the parent/guardian, teacher, and school principal stating such along with the testing results.     

Appealing the Screening or Testing Outcome

The school or parents may request an appeal after a one calendar year waiting period from the initial testing date or initial referral date if no testing took place.  Any additional documentation considered pertinent should be attached. The referral should be checked for completeness.  All statements that apply should be completed.  Board Policy requires that a minimum of four student work samples and/or teacher observations be included.  When submitting an appeal, work samples should include ways that the student demonstrates gifted behaviors.  Examples may include, but are not limited to: math work, journal writing with complex sentence structure or ideas, recorded conversation of how a student has made outside the box thinking or connections (ex: it is raining hard and the student is worried about the worms in the ground), use of high level vocabulary, above average knowledge of a topic, seeing patterns in random places, having a good understanding of world events and how they could affect the others and evidence of leadership skills. Other examples may be included.

Once the appeal is received through the online referral system, the referral will be reviewed for any additional pertinent information.  A letter will be emailed to the individual making the appeal indicating the action and/or recommendation.